TDS ROC G7 Top Hammer


TDS G7 Top Hammer Drilling Rig

TDS G7 Hydraulic Surface Top Hammer Drilling Rig  Applicable drilling range: 76-115mm

G7 full hydraulic surface top hammer drilling rig adopts high-power diesel engine with strong power, which  can easily meet the power requirements of harsh working conditions such as high altitude and extreme  cold; equipped with Atlas Copco high-power high-pressure rock drill, it has high perforation efficiency.  This product is widely used in earthwork excavation in open-pit mines and construction projects, drilling  operations such as quarry reclaiming and slope treatment.

Power system

The national III standard high-power turbocharged  diesel engine provides sufficient power reserve for  the whole vehicle, making the drilling rig more  adaptable to harsh working environments such as  high altitude and extreme cold.


Equipped with high-power air-conditioning  refrigeration system and heating system, it  can work normally under various severe  weather conditions. The main control mode  of the handle makes the operation more  concise and convenient, and provides a good  working environment for the operator, away  from dust pollution.

Chassis system

The crawler-type traveling chassis is equipped with a high- power two-speed hydraulic drive traction system and a  hydraulic swing adjustment system, as well as a small-sized  fuselage width design, which makes the drilling rig have  excellent off-road and maneuverability.

Control System

The programmable logic controller system  has high reliability, simple installation,  convenient maintenance, powerful function  expansion space, and easy fault diagnosis.

Security system

Integrated display of alarm data such as engine oil temperature  and pressure, coolant temperature and water level, compressed  air discharge temperature and pressure, and other safety devices  such as wiper, angle meter, emergency stop and battery charging  indication.

Two-stage dust collection system

The two-stage dry dust collection system  can be self-cleaned online, and the dust  collection effect is good, which meets the  national dust emission requirements.

Push Beam System

The aluminum alloy beam driven by oil cylinder and wire  rope has higher strength and superior bending resistance,  and can achieve ideal drilling straightness. Compared with  chain-driven rock drills, G7 is more stable when drilling. The propulsion beam is equipped with a mechanized rod  change system, and the operator can complete the rod  loading and unloading action in the cab, reducing labor  intensity, saving labor costs and improving production  efficiency.

Hydraulic rock drill

Equipped with high-power and high-pressure Epiroc designed  by Epiroc Group, it has high perforation efficiency, high and  low impact, rotary pressure control propulsion, double buffer  system and automatic anti-jamming function, so as to reduce  the loss of drilling tools and at the same time perform different  rock operations. more adaptable to the situation.

Boom system

The boom structure with rectangular cross- section is adopted, and the boom is driven by  the hydraulic cylinder to ensure the flexibility  and stability of the drill boom system. At the  same time, the exquisite design of the steering  seat and the propulsion beam bracket enables  the drilling rig to drill vertical and horizontal  holes of 0.3~7.6m in the facade, and the drilling  coverage area in the plane can reach 17m2.


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