With the leading technical advantages, integrated structural design and efficient production efficiency, it integrates high speed, high quality, high precision and high stability. It is suitable for sheet metal with different materials and different thickness.

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TDS has provided one-stop service for some of the world’s largest mining projects. For these customers, TDS offers a complete range of industry-leading drilling products for mining, tunneling, quarrying, construction and related industries.

Foremost to the success of our customers is TDS’s personal service and technological expertise. TDS works with drillers on job sites around the world not only support our products but to gain first hand insight for advancing DTH and Top Hammer product design to satisfy every drilling environment.




Down-the-hole drilling (DTH) essentially involves a drilling hammer at the bottom of a drill string. It relies on three elements for drilling holes: bit loading (weight), rotation and air.

The Advantage of Top Hammer Drilling

An international company selling drilling consumables and services for applications in mining, construction, tunnelling and well drilling, explains: "Arguably, the biggest advantage of top hammer drilling is the size, availability and low cost of drilling rigs.

What is Blast Hole Drilling? Where is Blast Hole Drilling Used?

Blast hole Drilling is a technique used in mining whereby a hole is drilled into the surface of the rock, packed with explosive material, and detonated. The aim of this technique is to induce cracks in the inner geology of the surrounding rock, in order to facilitate further drilling and associated mining activity.

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